MPPSC Mains Strategy 2022 | Crack MPPSC Mains in 1st Attempt

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) is recruiting the most eligible and interested candidates in the Civil Services, Revenue, Finance and other government departments. The recruitment will be purely based on the preliminary and mains exams & interviews. The MPPSC Prelims exam was conducted on 25th July 2021. The mains exam date will be announced soon. 

MPPSC exam is one of the most challenging examinations in Madhya Pradesh. Many candidates appear in this examination only after incomplete preparation, and later they must bear the brunt of it as a failure. Therefore, if you want to get better results in the MPPSC exam, then you should get ready by your preparation strategy. But if you are a fresher then you should be more attentive while preparing for the mains exam. Here are some Mppsc mains strategy that can boost your mains preparation.

The most important thing for this exam is answer writing for this follow these tips:-

Read More to Write Better:-

This can be the best part of MPPSC Mains Strategy, When we read, we learn more. To improve your writing skills with the best & relevant answers it is essential that you keep reading more and more. By doing this, you will observe the style of writing answers in the exams. Doing this will also improve your vocabulary and dictionary of terminology much needed for writing prestigious exams like UPSC & MPPSC. So, yes! Reading is the first ever thing you should start doing before writing. And then start practising it.

Prepare A Writing Schedule:-

The schedule is the key to success, make a schedule that you can follow. Make a structure that you will cover step by step. You can’t just start writing the answers without knowing what points should be covered or what not. The most general format is to write an introduction i.e. acknowledging the concern in the question, you have to find out what the question actually is. Then write the points/paragraph required.

For MPPSC Mains Strategy conclude the answer by giving the verdict. It is preferred to write in points rather than a paragraph. If needed, draw charts also.

Focus on actual Point:-

Don’t write other than what the question is about. It is only the myth that long answers score more marks than short ones. It is not at all about long or short answers. Marks depend on the relevant points that are covered and not on the long length of answers. Always answer to the point and write only what is asked instead of making the papers black with unnecessary stuff just to make the answers lengthy. Evaluators are experts and you can’t fool them. Better you try to avoid using very technical terms or words that are less commonly known. MPPSC Mains Strategy becomes great when Your answers will be neat, systematically arranged, and exactly match the demand of the question.

Don’t Be Too Generalized:-

Always remember you are writing an answer and not a novel, right? Don’t be too philosophical or generalized while writing the answers. It is advisable, you don’t need to give your personal opinions until it is specifically asked. It is good to quote relevant phrases, metaphors, or idioms, if you want but doesn’t exaggerate the whole thing. Formulate your answer writings in such a way that it goes with the context of the question else it seems that you just want to fill the answer sheet. However, if it is a literature question paper, doing these things may help you.

Don’t Be A Copycat:-

You know what we mean to say here. Yes, don’t just copy things that you have read in the books. Start with reading then understanding and then explaining this can be the process. This will be more effective. Don’t be like a parrot and avoid repeating things from the books. Although not wrong, what you write in your own words is always remains the best. 

Practice is the Final Key:-

You must have heard “Practice Makes a Man/Women Perfect”. Writing practice before exams really helps. Try writing answers. For this, you can solve previous year’s question papers and write the answers. Check and compare your answers with the ideal answer sheet. Find out the mistakes and correct them. MPPSC exams are not extempore. It needs planning and practice. Practising writing subjective answers is a very important part of MPPSC Mains Exam preparation without which you can’t think of clearing this exam. 

Time Management:-

The MPPSC exam is about time management and commands over speed. This is also the main point for MPPSC Mains Strategy Candidates are required to attempt as many questions as possible in the given time frame. Candidates should focus on managing time while attempting the mock tests. Read instructions carefully and know the answer length.

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